Avans Farm
202 Pig Branch Road Brush Creek, Tennessee 38547
(615) 815-1304

When the Avans' retired in 2008, they were enjoying the quiet life on their beautiful horse farm. But before long, many who passed by began to inquire about their property, particularly the barn. One bride-to-be fell in love with its rustic exterior and asked if she could host her wedding in it. The Avans' agreed. They installed new doors, concrete flooring, and left all the rustic touches of the original wood in tact.

Since then, the Avans' have enjoyed the company of all their guests on the farm for a number events---parties, weddings, reunions and more. They have even acquired an impressive collection of decorations donated from previous wedding parties. Their mission is to share the beauty of their land with you in hopes that you can celebrate a significant occasion in style among family and friends.