Avans Farm / Better Together Rustic Barn

When the Avans' retired in 2008, they were enjoying the quiet life on their beautiful farm. But before long, many who passed by began to inquire about their property, and barn. The Avans decided to open up the property & barn to be able to share those special days and events on the property with others. Since then, the Avans have enjoyed many events - weddings, birthdays, reunions, along with many other functions.

After 12 years of many memories, the Avans decided to retire but wanted to keep the beauty of what they had built being shared with others. SO this is where the story of Better Together Rustic Barn was born, and how.

Sean and Shelley where on the look out for 60-100 acres to relocate themselves and their families to Tennessee. Upon arrival, and looking - Shelley and her family where just not finding the dream spot. The realtor and Shelley were talking and Shelley mentioned a wedding venue she had seen online that had shut down. The realtor thought she knew which place she was talking about since she had once had a venue listed. The realtor called the Avans and told them about our family and they said they would be happy to meet with us. upon arrival, the stunning views had us in awe. It was like a fairytale dream. After a couple of hours tour and an hour or two of visiting it was easy to tell from all families involved it was a perfect match for everyone. The Avans felt comfortable that we could carry on what they had built and continue their dream. For Sean, Shelley, and their families, it was like a dream come true and we are proud to carry on and share our place with many other families and help their dreams come true as well as ours along the way. The name Better Together Rustic Barn came to mind because ever since Sean and Shelley have been together, life and all challenges are easier to deal with because we, as a family, are "Better Together."