When the Avans' retired in 2008, they were enjoying the quiet life on their beautiful farm. Upon receiving significant interest in their property, the Avans decided to convert their barn into a venue.

After twelve years of hosting many special occasions, the Avans decided to retire but wanted to keep the beauty of their venue alive. This is where the story of Better Together Rustic Barn was born.

Sean and Shelley were seeking to relocate their families to Tennessee. Yearning for 60-100 acres, the couple was not finding that one property until their realtor mentioned a wedding venue that had recently closed. When Sean and Shelley arrived, they were awe-struck by the beauty of the land and picturesque views. It was like a fairytale dream. Sean and Shelley decided to carry on The Avans tradition of sharing their farm with others.

The name Better Together Rustic Barn came to mind since Sean and Shelley have been together, life and all challenges are easier to deal with because we, as a family, are "Better Together."